Spice Things Up at These Mexican Restaurants on Amelia Island

Amelia Island is well-known for its stunning beaches, attractive surroundings, and variety of food establishments.

From awesome local breweries to pizza restaurants on Amelia Island, the area has it all. Mexican restaurants are also widely available which is great new for travelers who love the tasty cuisine!

Mexican restaurants have something to offer everyone because of their distinctive flavors, seasonal produce, and potent spices. Here’s our list of the best places to eat in Amelia Island if you love Mexican food!

Pablo’s Mexican Cuisine

If you’re seeking tasty and authentic Mexican food near our Amelia Island condo rentals, Pablo’s Mexican Cuisine is a must-try. The food at Pablo’s in Fernandina Beach, which has long been a local favorite, is simply outstanding.

Pablo’s is unique in that they are dedicated to using only the finest, most fresh ingredients in all of its recipes. Everything at Pablo’s is handcrafted and produced from scratch, from the homemade salsas to the tortillas. Every mouthful of their delicious food reflects their dedication to excellence.

Pablo’s has a sizable menu that has options for everyone. You can get whatever you want here, whether you’re in the mood for traditional tacos, sizzling fajitas, or a filling burrito. And don’t forget to accompany your dinner with one of their renowned margaritas; they go excellently with any dish.

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La Surena Mexican Store

Amelia Island’s La Surena Mexican Store is a hidden gem that provides a taste of Mexico in the middle of Florida. If you want to taste the flavors of Mexico, you must stop by this family-run business that specializes in authentic Mexican goods like cuisine, spices, and household products.

The large variety of Mexican ingredients available at La Surena, which can be challenging to locate in conventional grocery stores, is one feature that sets it apart. La Surena carries all the ingredients you need to prepare traditional Mexican recipes at home, from fresh vegetables and baked goods to dried chilies and spices.

La Surena has a range of Mexican pottery, textiles, and other household things that are ideal for bringing a touch of Mexican flavor into your home, so the store is worth a visit for reasons other than just the cuisine. However, their food is still quite enticing! They feature a menu of traditional Mexican dishes such as carne asada and fajitas as well as a weekly rotating menu of specials.

La Surena is renowned for its helpful and informed employees in addition to its amazing product selection. Whether you’re seeking for a specific ingredient or simply want to learn more about Mexican food, the owners and staff are always happy to answer questions and provide recommendations.

Peppers Cocina Mexicana & Tequila Bar

In the center of Amelia Island, Peppers Cocina Mexicana & Tequila Bar is a vibrant and energetic restaurant serving delectable and genuine Mexican food in a fun setting. For anybody searching for a fun and savory eating experience, Peppers is a must-visit location with its colorful atmosphere, welcoming service, and wide selection of tequila.

One of Peppers’ strengths is its cuisine, which offers a variety of traditional Mexican meals as well as some creative takes on old favorites. There is something for everyone at Peppers, from their tableside guacamole and searing fajitas to their delicious tacos or enchiladas. Try one of their specialty dishes, such as the Mole Poblano or the Carnitas Michoacanas, if you’re feeling particularly daring.

And a trip to Peppers would be incomplete without trying one of their delectable margaritas or sipping from their extensive tequila collection. Peppers has you covered whether you prefer your tequila neat or in a delectable cocktail. The combination of delectable food along with a lively atmosphere makes Peppers truly one of the best restaurants on Amelia Island!

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Cantina Louie

Located in downtown Amelia Island, Cantina Louie is a lively and entertaining Mexican eatery that provides a distinctive and delectable dining experience. Cantina Louie is a must-stop location for anyone seeking a taste of Mexico on the island because of its vibrant interior design, fun environment, and delectable cuisine.

The menu at Cantina Louie is one of the restaurant’s star attractions; it offers a variety of traditional Mexican cuisine as well as some imaginative and distinctive variations on those dishes. There is something for everyone at Cantina Louie, from their nachos and tacos to their scrumptious burritos and enchiladas. Try one of their special meals, such as the Mahi Tacos or the Chiles Rellenos if you’re in the mood for something a little different. The restaurant is the perfect place to unwind and have a meal with family and friends because of its lively and warm atmosphere. 

Cantina Louie also features a vast drink menu, which offers a range of margaritas, cocktails, and beers, in addition to its delectable food and entertaining ambiance. Cantina Louie has you covered whether you’re looking for a traditional drink like a margarita or want to try one of their inventive concoctions.

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Try the best Mexican restaurants in Amelia Island when you stay with us at Amelia Vacations!

San Jose Mexican Grill

Amelia Island’s San Jose Mexican Restaurant is a warm and casual Mexican eatery that serves up a true taste of Mexico. San Jose Mexican Restaurant is a beloved restaurant among both locals and visitors due to its excellent food, helpful service, and welcoming ambiance.

San Jose Mexican Grill’s cuisine, which offers a wide selection of classic Mexican meals prepared with fresh ingredients and genuine spices, is one of its attractions. Every meal is brimming with flavor and sure to please even the most discriminating palette, from their traditional tacos and burritos to their delectable fajitas and enchiladas. Check out this Amelia Island restaurant when staying in one of our Amelia Island vacation rentals.

Sucheros Fresh Mex

Popular restaurant chain Surcheros Fresh Mex is known for its fresh, made-to-order Mexican food. Surcheros Fresh Mex is a restaurant in Amelia Island that combines the best of Tex-Mex and Baja-style Mexican food, providing a distinctive and delectable eating experience.

The personalized menu at Surcheros Fresh Mex is one of its best qualities. Guests can build their own burritos, bowls, tacos, and salads by selecting from a selection of fresh ingredients and proteins. Their meats are marinated in-house using real spices and flavors, and every item is freshly produced every day. This allows clients to personalize their meals to their unique preferences and nutritional demands.

Surcheros Fresh Mex offers a selection of delicious specialty dishes in addition to customizable options. The loaded nachos, fish tacos, and grilled chicken burritos are among their most popular menu items. They also provide a variety of sides, including queso, guacamole, chips, and salsa.

The dedication to sustainability displayed by Surcheros Fresh Mex is one of its distinctive features. They employ eco-friendly materials in their packaging, and they’ve put a number of programs in place to cut waste and save resources. Their entire goal of offering wholesome, delectable food that is also good for the environment is evident in their commitment to sustainability.

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