Local Amelia Island Breweries You Should Visit for a Pint

Amelia Island is filled with fantastic brewing companies renowned for their proficiency in brewing quality beers that customers find highly satisfactory. When you’re staying in an Amelia Island condo rental, you’ll want a place to get a cold beverage after a day of fun at the beach.

This guide introduces you to the most reputable Amelia Island breweries, offering you a list of beautiful sites to explore and some of our favorite breweries.

Amelia Island Brewing Co. 

Amelia Island Brewing Co. (AIBC) is easily one of the best breweries in Amelia Island. It is a great place to drink excellent beers at reasonable prices. They also offer fantastic food, and their staff includes highly-welcoming people who are enthusiastic about their jobs. The brewery offers a unique variety of beers that keep customers coming back. These include Art Lu, SmKn Martha, and Dragonlords 6.

The Art Lu is an American Ale that offers a light and refreshing drink. Similarly, the Smkn Martha is a robust, classic porter which won the Best Florida Beer Gold Medal in 2018 and 2020! And, Dragonlords 6 is a genuinely heroic double IPA. 

two glasses of beer.
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Mocama Beer Company

Mocama Beer Company is one of the renowned companies that craft beer on Amelia Island. Ever since 1954, the company has been brewing unique beers. And now, it’s popularly known as a majestic mid-century taproom.

They offer excellent service and great beer. When you walk in, you will be immediately enthralled by the neatness and positive atmosphere of the building. This positive atmosphere could be due to the laughter and happiness of the people that come to drink at Mocama Beer Company. It is an excellent place to relax with a cold drink. 

Prosim Pilsner is a dry-hopped beer with a bitter, fruity taste. On the other hand, Ruby Rosa tastes fruity without bitterness, made from cherries and raspberries. 

First Love Brewing

First Love Brewing is another reputable brewing company in Amelia Island. The company’s story encompasses pursuing your dreams and passions, regardless of your challenges. Their drinks are some of the best in the local area. 

You will always get the urge to go back for a few pints after trying a flight, and there won’t be any that you will not enjoy. Their food is delicious, and the atmosphere of the building is remarkably calming. You can find the following incredible beers at First Love Brewing Company: Paul Hana, Cardinal Truth, Lily, and more. 

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SJ Brewing Company

The company is one of the most active brewing companies on Amelia Island. Since its opening in 2018, SJ Brewing Company has brewed beer for people in Amelia Island and its environs. 

They have several great beers and a welcoming environment. The staff has a vast knowledge of beers, which is evident in how quick they are to give accurate answers to questions regarding the subject. 

Their excellent beers include Stop Jonesing, West Coast Pilsner, Strawberry Blond Ale, Horsing Around, and more. It is also a place where everyone can come in to have a pint, play games, and make friends. 

Amelia Island is a great place to visit. It exhibits a lively atmosphere that calms your mind and can help cast away your worries. You can also explore fantastic restaurants on Amelia Island during your visit. You’ll need a refreshing place to stay during your vacation at Amelia Island, so browse our catalog for more information on Amelia Island rentals! The team at Amelia Island Vacation Rentals is dedicated to helping you find the perfect rental for your trip.