Where to Grab a Bite for Lunch on Amelia Island

You are on a tranquil island. You are hungry. If it was any random undeveloped island in the world, you might be forced to smack a coconut against a sharp rock. But, on Amelia Island, you have seemingly limitless restaurant options.

From the big burgers of T-Rays to the delectable and authentic Cuban of the classic Hola! Cuban Café, Amelia Island offers it all on a silver platter. For the question on where to eat lunch on Amelia Island, look no further.

Timoti’s Seafood Shack

The term “shack” implies a casual flavor and ambiance suitable for a small seaside shanty. It perfectly embodies this straightforward local favorite. Timoti’s Seafood Shack strips the menu down to the bare essentials.

Order top-tier and affordable seafood in one of three forms: a basket, a taco, or a wrap. With some small variables here and there, most menu options stick to this delicious and streamlined formula. Order a fish sandwich, a shrimp basket, oyster tacos, a clam basket, a fresh catch seasonal sandwich, etc.

This lunch joint takes the frustration out when it comes to finding an appealing seafood treat for lunch. This Fernandina Beach favorite is located at 21 N 3rd St, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034 and open 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day. You can read more about Timoti’s Seafood Shack here.

Hola! Cuban Café

hola cuban cafe

Born and raised in Miami, Garcia and Marisol Triana founded Hola! Cuban Café relying on their heritage and their authentic skills at making the best Cuban family food.

Sandwiches, croquetas empanadas, montequillas, and the Pan con Lechon shredded pork sandwich make up just a taste of this Cuban menu. This lunch spot specializes in the pressed sandwiches, but you can also find some legitimate Cuban coffee. Start or close your lunch up with a Cortadito, a Cuban-styled Café Con Leche, or the real-deal Café Cubano.

Dog owners can find a nice place to chill on the pet-friendly patio. Make sure to stop by early. Hola! Cuban Café closes after 3:30 p.m. and opens up for the day at 9 a.m. (10:30 a.m. on Sundays).

Tasty’s Fresh Burgers and Fries

Tastys Burgers

There’s nothing at all wrong with authentic Cuban cuisine or the quality of local seafood. The above places make up some of the best lunch spots in Amelia Island.

But sometimes, you just want the classic double-whammy of a massive basket of french fries and a juicy burger. Tasty’s is aptly titled. For an unadulterated mix of top-quality burgers, teriyaki, sweet potatoes and tots, and more, stop by this popular lunch shack.

Tasty’s utilizes high-quality and popular Boar’s Head branded meats. Take a traditional burger and mix it up with the Carolina (slaw, bacon, pickles), the Bees Knees (grilled onions, swiss, honey mustard) or the Chili Chedda (cheddar cheese and homemade chili).

T-Rays Burger Station

T-Rays Burger Station

T-Rays could have been lost to history, just another simple family gas station to eventually be turned into a 7/11 or Circle K. Except, Big Ray and his family had loftier ambitions.

Instead of sticking to the safe side with solid-gas and some candy bars, T-Ray Mullis and his family slowly turned this local gas station into a solid option for some casual eating. The popularity of the food exploded enough for the restaurant to become its own entity.

With the exuberance of the employees and Big Ray’s long-time place in the community, this small-family operation turned into a major community staple. People love T-Rays. With national recognition, a splendid array of burgers and sandwiches, and a cool story, it has become one of the most rewarding quick lunch stops near Fernandina Beach.

The spot is renowned for its burgers as the name suggests, and trying one of them is a must with your group. Or grab a mahi sandwich, the kitchen sink omelet, the portabella mushroom, and more any day of the week from 7 a.m. to 2:15 p.m. (8 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays and closed Sundays).

Enjoy these lunch delicacies near your vacation rental on your next Amelia Island escape. Feel the breeze from the Atlantic as you dive face-first into a burger.

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