The Marlin and Barrel Distillery in Fernandina Beach

What makes Amelia Island so amazing?

Amelia Island is located on the very northern edge of Florida. Along the border of Georgia, this quiet island destination attracts thousands of beach lovers from all over the world. If you aren’t coming to the beach, you are likely coming for the next best thing- alcohol.

The Marlin and Barrel Distillery is a historically significant attraction and local distiller located right in the island’s downtown district, Fernandina Beach (115 S 2nd St. A, Fernandina Beach, FL).

This is true quality liquor, all the time, every time, crafted with delicate and patient care from an enthusiastic team. Take this opportunity to discover your spirit and learn all about the Marlin and Barrel Distillery.

Marlin & Barrel Distillery Venture Vodka in Fernandina Beach

What to Find

Firstly, the distillery is a small location in a lovely blue Old Florida home. It is most famous for producing Venture Vodka, among other liquors. Visitors can enjoy the generally soft sweet flavor profile of their finest selections while expecting splashes of spice without losing the smoothness.

Visitors can go on a free tour, taste a few free samples, and check out the merchandise, including shirts and shot glasses.

Main Products

The distillery is known for two main things- vodka and rum. It’s vodka selections peak with the Venture Craft Vodka, a delightfully sweet classic Florida liquor made from local molasses. You can also keep an eye out for the Venture Smoked Pepper Vodka, with its hardly-subtle splashes of spice and molasses ideal for a Bloody Mary (or two).

But there’s also plenty of rum to review. The Bearing Light Rum is your standard fare, while the Bearing Amber Run adds caramel and wood sugars for the sophisticated palette. To round out the rum, you have the Bearing Vanilla Bean Espresso. Its sweet mix of vanilla and espresso coffee is unforgettable, and a perfect addition for the coffee lover in your crew.

While Marlin and Barrel Distillery is most popularly known for vodka and rum, they do have a few limited selections of whiskey and gin. The flavorful 2nd Street Gin really bounces and bites with its touches of old world botanicals, while the Shoreline Straight Bourbon Whiskey requires two years to mature in charred white oak casks to get to the right level of punch.

There are also some distinctly Florida themed options, such as the Blossom Grapefruitcello. This peculiar grapefruit liqueur is a dazzling addition to any drink where a strong grapefruit taste is needed. This liqueur hardly holds back. Alternatively, the Blossom Orangecello is a distinct splash of orange, adding that often-needed taste of the famous Florida fruit to your home-made island cocktail.

There are at least 13 different selections available at the distillery. Keep an eye out for seasonal specials and discounts for different products. Expect a comprehensive presentation of every available option by an esteemed and impassioned host. We have some vacation rentals in Fernandina Beach located right within walking distance of the distillery. Contact us for more details.

Marlin & Barrel Distillery Rum on the beach


The distillery is open Sun, Mon, Wed, and Thu from 11:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., as well as Fri and Sat from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. They are closed on Tuesday.

Marlin and Barrel Distillery is an important historical touchstone in downtown Fernandina Beach. Housed in a cheerful and quaint old Florida home, the distillery is welcomed addition to the lineage of the island.

You can use this opportunity to learn all about the history of Amelia Island. What is the history of golf on Amelia Island? What about the pirates? Amelia Island has such an enthralling history that you are bound to find a compelling segment of it about a topic you love. Soak in the stories and ask questions. Locals love to share what makes this island escape so fascinating. Review our available Fernandina Beach condos and stay in the true heart of the island.