Enjoy the Outdoors When You Take a Class at the Windward Sailing School

Amelia Island is a dazzling little island escape, a top-tier destination on the very edge of Florida’s northern coast.

How do you get to Amelia Island? You can get to Amelia Island east by 200 off I-95 or south from famous A1A. Amelia island used to only be accessible by boat and only recently you can get in by vehicle over the southern bridge even been possible.

This relative isolation helps make Amelia island a prized gem for adventurers. And what is more adventurous than a sailboat journey?

Sailboating is arguably the most rewarding way to experience the breadth of Amelia Island. You can get context to all of Amelia Island’s historical facts, including famous battle-driven pirates and diving treasure seekers. You get to experience the rush of the ocean in a natural way, with only the power of your sail to control you.

It is an adventure unlike any other. But, there may be a problem. Staying at one of our Fernandina Beach condos is easy. Sailing, not so much.

Sailing lessons in Fernandina Beach

Sailing Basics: Learning to Sail

If sailing was easy, every person with any passing interest would be out on the water, cruising through the waves on a sailboat. It is probably why motorboats are much more common!

But you don’t have to follow the commonly-treaded path. Learning to sail requires some foundational knowledge. You should be expected to learn:

  • All the nautical terms for locations on the sailboat and navigation
  • Rules of sailing in regards to safety, navigating waterways, other boats, and more
  • Basic sailing maneuvers
  • Parts of the boat and points on the sail, such as the leech, tiller, batten, etc.
  • Minor repairs
  • Understanding wind and how to predict changes

While all of this may seem like a whole lot- and it definitely is!- there is at least one really strong and manageable method to learn it all.

Sailboats side by side Fernandina Beach

The Thrill of Learning at the Windward Sailing School

Learn how to have the adventure of a lifetime at the Windward Sailing School.

Windward Sailing School is a brilliant opportunity. This sailing charter provider on Amelia Island is your route to learning the ropes of sailing.

The local crew offers three main options: sailing charters, sailboat rentals, and classes. The focus here is on classes, but you can absolutely rent a sailboat with them as many times as you like once you are properly certified.

The classes are diverse, servicing different needs. The most basic course is a non-certified run covering basic sailing instruction. It is a three-hour beginner course covering the foundation of sailing, good for all ages. It is a fantastic primer to see if this is something you want to pursue further.

The courses cover different age groups and experience levels. Most of them ultimately result in formal certification. The basic keelboat course teaches you how to handle a boat about 25-30 feet in length. The Coastal cruising course is an extension of the keelboat course, increasing the boat size and adding new elements, such as crew management and tough sea conditions.

There are about 10 courses in total, with different combinations for courses that complement each other.

This is an ambitious and thrilling way to experience the outdoors, while also giving you something you can really take home and own. The course generally provides a 1-year ASA membership, ASA Exam, and Certification.

Once you receive your sailing license, you can sail anytime you visit Amelia Island. You don’t have to just admire sailors from afar- you can actually be one. This isn’t some kind of unachievable dream. Men and women from all over have taken control of this “far off idea,” and turned it into a reality. They may not be a professional sailor, but they took an essential step every professional took at some point in the past.

Accreditation is a pivotal and necessary step. All professionals start somewhere. All dreamers begin by coming up with a plan and taking the first steps they must to make it real. You can book one of our Amelia Island vacation rentals, review the itinerary, and make it happen. After the pieces are in place, you can begin a sailing journey.