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Amelia Island in northeast Florida is a timeless destination. Gorgeous beaches, beautiful coastal scenery, and the rich history of the island are enough to sway anyone. Whether you’re seeking a romantic getaway, a family vacation, or an outdoor adventure, Amelia Island vacation rentals are perfect for everyone!

The island and its waterways and surrounding ocean are beautiful without a doubt, and Amelia River Cruises gives you the best vantage point for the picturesque views. There is much to see when you visit this place, and for you to have the full experience; Amelia River Cruises offers you several dream-like cruises around the island.

What Amelia River Cruises Has To Offer

Amelia River Cruises is a popular local tour operator because of its variety of cruises, professionalism, the educational experience you get, and the experience of the captains. They offer you tours both in the backwaters of the island and fascinating, scenic further off areas, such as the Cumberland Island National Seashore.

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Both Amelia Island and Cumberland Island are a major habitat for many fascinating wild animals and plant species. With several ecologically diverse protected areas, many visitors go on tours with Amelia River Cruises to witness the serenity of wildlife: wild horses, dolphins, and countless bird species to name a few examples.

Choose one of many sightseeing cruises from the provider, available throughout the year, just waiting for explorers like you! At Amelia River Cruises, having the best experience is a top priority, which is why they feature several different nature cruises on Amelia Island that you can choose from.

Shrimping Eco Tour

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With shrimping being integral to Amelia Island’s history, there’s no better place to learn about it than the Shrimping Eco Tour offered by Amelia River Cruises.

This tour involves an exploration of the Tiger Basin, and participants are taught how to use the Otter Trawl net which was invented in Fernandina Beach. A modern version of this net is used in the shrimping industry today.

During this tour, the net will be used to catch, identify and release marine creatures in a hands-on experience. You will also get scenic views and a tour of the backwaters of Amelia Island on a 2-hour tour.

Cumberland Island Tour

Amelia River Cruises also offers an amazing tour of Cumberland Island and goes the extra mile to make sure your experience is a memorable one. The tour takes you past the historic Old Towne, Fernandina Beach’s shrimp boats, and historic Fort Clinch to see the wildlife and scenery of Cumberland Island including the wild horses. This 2.5-hour tour is well worth the cost and will give you plenty of history and sites to take in along the way.

Beach Creek Tours

This tour includes a trip up Beach Creek and to the ruins of the Dungeness Mansion on Cumberland Island. It takes you further inside Cumberland Island on a slightly shorter 1.5-hour tour.

You’ll get to enjoy scenic views of the surrounding nature, beaches, and maritime forests and get some historical context as well on this tour.

Amelia river cruise at sunset

Romantic Twilight Tours

Wouldn’t you want to enjoy a drink with your beloved, while enjoying the scent of the sea and witnessing a beautiful sunset?

Spend a memorable evening with your loved one on one of the Twilight BYOB cruises, which are offered Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings. You’ll get to bring your preferred beverages and enjoy the unforgettable sunset views while listening to some of the best local live musicians right on board.

Are you already planning your dream vacation but not sure about where to get a cruise in Fernandina beach? Get in contact with Amelia River Cruises for tours around the island you won’t want to forget!

Plan Your Visit

Amelia Island is the perfect spot for your next beach vacation. There are countless activities that will entertain the whole family! Check out our beautiful vacation rentals and book your trip now.