Amelia Island Post Irma

Amelia Island fared quite well during Hurricane Irma like many other parts of Florida, although there was some structural damage, downed trees, flooding and power outages. Many buildings and homes only sustained minor and repairable damage as reported by local Amelia Island news outlets.

Discounts were extended for a variety of Amelia Island vacation rentals and lodging options for those who needed emergency accommodations or for others who were visiting. Although the recovery continues, major progress has been made, particularly after a storm that was largely expected to devastate multiple regions of Florida.

Vast preparations were made throughout Florida and in Nassau County where mandatory evacuations were made for Zones, A, C and F which included Amelia Island. Evacuations were ordered as recent as September 6th, well ahead of the date of the arrival of the storm, with mandatory evacuations that went into effect on Friday, September 8th.

Shelters were opened throughout the county including at schools in Bryceville, Callahan, and Hilliard. Even the island’s emergency services were evacuated and most other services were closed by Friday.

Amelia Island Hurricane Shelter

However, Irma was not as severe as anticipated in northern Florida. After the hurricane made landfall in Cuba, it significantly lost strength, being downgraded to Category 2 by the time it reached Amelia Island. The island was not safe from fallen trees, debris or flooding after the hurricane hit on Sunday the 10th of September and continued into Monday afternoon.

Residents who stayed were courageous but certainly not comfortable that night, as local Lisa Roth recalled, “It was so scary…the wind was swishing the trees back and forth, back and forth. I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

Trees were downed throughout the island, with winds being strong enough to topple some of the tallest and heaviest. Other debris was strewn around the city and neighborhoods, but cleanup began almost immediately after the hurricane passed through.

Local remained in good spirits as they wheeled fallen brush and tree limbs from their yards. Most of those who live on Amelia Island would likely say that the price of having to deal with the occasional hurricane is well worth it, considering the pleasant weather, beaches, and other benefits.

Damaged varied from one neighborhood to another. Although the power went out and trees were downed, the damaged remained significantly lower than what was expected. Emergency services told residents to remain on guard for a while after the storm passed through regarding concerns about flooding on the St. Mary’s River.

The Fernandina Beach Marina remained intact although it has still been in recovery from damaged suffered in Hurricane Matthew in October of last year. Although the cleanup continued for a few weeks afterward, much of the island is now back to normal.

It remains a great time to visit with discounts on Amelia Island vacation homes that remain in effect, along with the island’s golf courses, outdoor attractions, beaches, community events, and other activities being more accessible than other times of the year.

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