Wildlife Tours on Amelia Island

Amelia Island is home to several exciting outdoor activities and family-friendly wildlife tours which offer a fun-filled adventure for individuals and families alike. These tours take you through the waters of the Atlantic or nearby nature preserves that are packed with local wildlife and some of the most amazing scenery that you can find in all of Florida.

Hike or ride on horseback through maritime forests and along incredible beaches, catch a view of dolphins or manatees out on the water while kayaking or boating, and see some of the most extraordinary species and ocean scenery anywhere as you explore Amelia Island with some of the tours and things to do mentioned here.

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Kayak Wildlife Tours on Amelia Island

The kayak tours on Amelia Island are certainly one of the more popular ways to view the local flora and fauna, as they take you through protected areas and allow you to view the scenery and animals up close without disturbing them. You can choose from several local providers who offer these tours, and they have extensive experience with them to ensure the safety of you and your group. Kayak tours are perfect for all ages, and you can choose your preferred area to tour such as the rivers or Cumberland Island National Seashore.

Dolphin Tours on Amelia Island

Dolphin tours on Amelia Island are a great way to get out on the ocean without having to rent a boat while seeing dolphins and a wide range of other ocean species including manatees, birds, and sea turtles. These tours are usually held on charter boats, giving you the thrill of riding in the ocean at a fast pace and being able to see the water from one of the best vantage points anywhere. There’s a substantial dolphin population around Amelia Island throughout the year, and your boat captain will know where to go so that you can get the unique experience of seeing them.

River Cruises on Amelia Island

Amelia River Cruises is one local provider that offers some sightseeing boat tours every day of the week throughout some of the most ecologically diverse protected areas around Amelia Island. A variety of different cruise options are available including a tour of Cumberland Island, Beach Creek, and sunset tours. These tours are a great way to take in the sights and sounds of some of the most beautiful protected areas around Amelia Island, especially Cumberland Island. During these tours, you can see dolphins, sea turtles, wild horses, manatees, and several bird species.

Horseback Tours on Amelia Island

Horseback riding is an incredible experience, and you can tour the beaches and some of the wilderness of Amelia Island this way during your Amelia Island vacation. Horseback riding is offered by a few local providers like Kelly Seahorse Ranch, and just about everyone who has tried it has absolutely loved it. There’s nothing like taking in a sunset along with the views of the ocean, shorebirds and other local wildlife while on horseback, so be sure to give this a try during your next visit!

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Self Guided Wildlife Tours

A number of self-guided wildlife tours and activities are available, with options ranging from jet-skis, catamarans, kayaks and other boats. These family-friendly tours combine safety with the ability for you to independently explore the waters around your Amelia Island vacation rental, and they are a great option for those with boating, jet-skiing or kayak experience or even those who are just learning. Lessons are typically provided, and a guide will accompany you on many of the tours, even though you are free to explore much of the area on your own.