White Oak Conservation Center

For nature and wildlife enthusiasts, a visit to White Oak Conservation Center is a must on your Amelia Island vacation. Known globally as one of the world’s leading research, breeding and training facilities, White Oak strives to protect endangered species from extinction.

13,000 acres of outdoor paradise also give it a fantastic space for the public to explore and learn about their conservation efforts. If you’re stuck on where to take the family during your vacation to Amelia Island, be sure to plan a day trip to this White Oak animal preserve. Here’s why…

Visit White Oak Conservation Center - the world’s leading research, breeding and training facilities of endangered species

Animal Conservation

Protecting threatened species is the focal point of White Oak. They house a diverse animal population across large, natural enclosures. Here you’ll find carnivores, birds, rhinos, Babirusa swine and zebras to name a few. White Oak not only attempts to sustain a satisfactory level of captivity population, but they also strive to protect forest homes in Africa – such as the okapi’s.

Often working in conjunction with the government, White Oak Conservation Center has many hero stories to boast. One of which includes their effective breeding plan for the critically endangered dama gazelle. Big cat lovers can also rejoice! White Oak harbors one of the best breeding programs for cheetahs in the world.

White Oak Activities

The fun doesn’t stop with animals – White Oak is also home to an exciting range of activities for all the family to experience. Here’s an overview of the entertainment on offer:

Conservation Tours

Ideal for individuals and groups, White Oak invites visitors to board their open-air vans and take an in-depth tour of their conservation site. Led by wildlife experts, you’ll come face-to-face with a selection of rhinos, cheetahs, okapi, and giraffe.

The experience lasts for 2 hours and costs $100 per adult, $50 per child aged 3-10 and under 2’s go free. If you’ve ever felt the urge to experience life as a zookeeper, this is your chance to do just that!

Training and education workshops

If you or your kids wish to go one step further, White Oak has an accomplished selection of programs in various subject areas. Choose from veterinary science, conservation learning or animal husbandry – experts will guide you through the process of protecting our wildlife and nature.

Conservation Summer Camp

Send your kids on the trip of a lifetime with a week-long residential camp trip. Running all through the summer season, conservation summer camp combines education and fun in an experiential learning experience. They’ve called it ‘Conservation Classroom’ – which cultivates the idea that the wilderness becomes your learning zone.

Leading life science experts propose a stimulating range of activities and programs that aim to inspire and teach children. It involves getting hands-on with wildlife and their habitats, gaining an insightful understanding of the threats they face and what us as individuals can do to safeguard their livelihood.

What’s more, kids get to indulge in a quintessential White Oak guest experience. Not only are many of the activities located in the famous Gilman Hall, but swimming, hiking, campfires, and river tours also appeal to the adventurous student.

Golf Courses

Sporting enthusiasts aren’t left out either, with a nine-hole, 54 teeing ground course set to test all skill levels. Wrapped in the vast natural landscape, White Oak’s golf course is applauded for its great privacy.

How can I get there?

Located outside Yulee, Florida and situated just below the Georgia state line along St. Mary’s River, White Oak Conservation Center is fairly easy to get to. Here’s an accurate map from all incoming directions, but you’ll also be emailed similar details once you book onto a tour.