What to Expect from the Amelia Island Weather in Every Season

If you’re planning a vacation, one of the first things to consider is when you’ll travel. Amelia Island, Florida, is gorgeous and full of life any time of year! The weather on Amelia Island is generally pleasant no matter when you come, but there are differences between the seasons. To make the most of your stay in one of our Amelia Island vacation rentals, it’s crucial to choose a season that allows for the activities in which you’re most interested.

Here’s a quick guide of what to expect in each season on Amelia Island.

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During the spring months of March, April, and May, there is quite a fluctuation in temperature here on Amelia Island. At the beginning of the season, you’ll typically see high temperatures around 75 degrees Fahrenheit. However, as the end of May approaches, those high temperatures can top out at around 85 degrees. In terms of precipitation, spring is relatively dry. On average, each month experiences approximately three inches of rain, so there’s not much chance of having your plans ruined by a surprise thunderstorm. Spring offers the opportunity for virtually any activity on the island, from exploring museums to walking along the shoreline or attending some fun annual festivals.


It’s likely not a surprise to hear that Amelia Island weather is the hottest in the summer. Throughout June, July, and August, temperatures remain around 90 degrees and will rarely drop below 70, even in the cooler mornings and evenings. However, you may not know that summer is also the wettest season here. Each summer month typically sees seven or eight inches of rain, usually as an afternoon shower that brings in cooler conditions throughout the evening. All in all, summer is the time to come if you want to spend plenty of time on the beach and get that perfect tan.


In the fall, the weather begins to cool off, which is a welcome change for visitors and residents of Amelia Island. In September, October, and November, high temperatures will rarely get above 80 degrees, especially as the season progresses. Toward the end of fall, it’s not uncommon to see temperatures drop down into the 50s in the mornings and at night. As far as rain, September can be pretty wet with an average of 14 days of rain. October and November, though, are quite a bit drier, only experiencing around eight days of rain each. Fall is a great time to experience indoor and outdoor activities alike!

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Finally, guests often come to our Amelia Island rentals in winter to escape the bitter chill of their home environments. You won’t have to worry about snow around here since the winter months of December, January, and February rarely experience temperatures below 40 degrees. High temperatures throughout the winter tend to top out around 65 degrees. You may see a bit of precipitation, as each winter month experiences about three inches of rain, but conditions don’t get cold enough for ice or snow. Even though you might not be able to swim in winter, there are tons of indoor activities of which to take advantage! 

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