Top 3 Ways to Enjoy Horses on the Beach

Pristine, quiet, and filled with magic, Amelia Island is one of Florida’s most treasured vacation destinations.

You can find Amelia Island cozily tucked away on the very northeastern edge of Florida, about 45 minutes away from Jacksonville. The area as a whole is famous for its quiet beaches, but few features are as instantly memorable as its horses.

Yes, Amelia Island and the surrounding area is famous for horses, tame and wild, majestic and comfortable around people. You can stay at one of our vacation rentals in Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island’s historic downtown, and spend some time with the horses. We look at three horseback riding opportunities right on the island.

Amelia Island is famous for horses, tame and wild, majestic and comfortable around people.

Amelia Island Horseback Riding

The small team of Amelia Island Horseback Riding brings dreams to life every warm morning and afternoon (and even some evenings). Pam, Dakota, Deby, Nikki, and Debbie, the owner, guide excited guests along the beach by horse.

The team offers sunrise rides as well as sunset rides, the latter being the most popular. You can also go on afternoon rides. Group rides usually cap out at 5-6.

The adventure is simple. Choose a horse. Learn the basic ropes. Follow your guide along the beach. The team hosts special intimate events, such as wedding proposals.

Guests meet at 4600 Peters Point Rd at Peters Point Beach Park.

Booking ahead is required. Just specify the time you want and your group size, and you are set in for a wonderful journey along the Amelia Island shores.

Happy Trails Walking Horses, LLC

Happy Trails specializes in the incredible Tennessee Walking Horse. This special breed is a recurring favorite in horse shows across the world. Known for their incredible manes and utter elegance, you can get on the back of one of these prized creatures. They are also known for their calm demeanor and strength.

Happy Trails focuses on the experience. This is not necessarily an educational history tour of Amelia Island. The guides may remain quiet, allowing you and a loved one to soak in the ambiance of a frolic along the beach. This is about atmosphere and intimacy.

Choose to take a ride along the beach or in the local trails. Prices vary based on group size. Call ahead for details and booking.

Kelly Seahorse Ranch

Kelly Seahorse Ranch is another fantastic local option. Visitors can come from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day except Mondays to drift casually along the beach. The ranch caps group sizes at 10 total to keep horseback riding non-invasive to the beach and beachgoers.

Kelly Seahorse Ranch offers quiet and relaxing horseback rides along the beach. The focus is strictly on delicacy and comfort. The rides are tranquil, helping to match the soft tone of the beach. The guides will remain respectful of non-horse beach visitors.

Kelly Ranch has a minimum riding age of 13. Reservations are required. No experience is necessary, as all trips begin with a brief introduction to the basic techniques of controlling a horse.

If you stay in one of our Amelia Island vacation rentals in Fernandina Beach, you get on-site parking. Parking in Fernandina Beach can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t have a rental right in downtown. If you get a local downtown property, you can walk right to the shops.

Horseback riding is rewarding for any age. Bring the kids along for a journey that will take their love for animals to a more personal level. Contact us about our available Amelia Island condos all throughout this majestic and wild island escape.