What Kinds of Fish Can You Catch on Amelia Island?

We love fishing on Amelia Island.

We love the fact that it can go from zero to 100 any second. We love the fact that even if you don’t catch anything at all, you can still enjoy the fact that you spend a wonderful few hours, or a full day, under the Florida sun.

You have all sorts of places to fish, including the downtown Fernandina Beach fishing spots. Catch any spot by at the ocean for some classic old-school Amelia Island beach fishing. Enjoy a few summertime activities by the ocean while you are at it!

Amelia Island is the place to go for fishing. So what can you catch? We cover the finest Amelia Island popular fish in Florida waiting just under the water’s surface.

guy holding a wahoo fish he caught

1. Wahoo

Wahoo is a popular and viable for the summer season. While you are unlikely to snag this blue and white-striped catch by a dock, you can definitely book an offshore cruise, toss on some live bait, and go for it. Wahoo is also one of the best Florida fish to eat, no contest.

2. Grouper

Stay right at one of our Fernandina Beach condos and catch the classic grouper. There are few things better than catching a grouper in Florida, especially when you visit a high-end restaurant and see a grouper sandwich for $15. Bring it back to your rental to finish preparations and have an awesome dinner in for the whole group.

3. King Mackerel

Book a trip with one of the long-standing Amelia Island fishing charters to catch some King or Spanish Mackerel. Both are local treasures. Use live bait, get offshore, and hope for the best.

4. Barracuda

Yes, you can seek out the aggressive and tough barracuda for a really rambunctious trip. While the taste of barracuda is questionable, the battle rarely is. Expect a tough run at it. Or you can just head to the local Atlantic seafood market and grab some without all the fighting and fuss.

5. Cobia

The Florida saltwater fish size limits for cobia are strict, so you may not always be able to keep what you catch. But part of the fun is in the battle!

6. Whiting Jack

The Fort Clinch Amelia Island fishing pier is one of the best places to get some great fish. Also, check out the George Crady Bridge Fishing locale where you have a good chance of catching the glorious Whiting Jack.

closeup of largemouth bass

7. Largemouth Bass

Largemouth Bass are found in all waters, from fresh to salt and brackishly in-between. Check out some of the Fernandina Beach fishing spots by the salt river to nab this tough catch.

8. Trout

We highly recommend you take to the backwater fishing locations during the summer for some trout. Bring out your surface lures and skim to attract sea trout and redfish in the heart of the summer season. The warm temperatures draw them to the surface. Trout is also highly dependent on the tides. Be sure to fish during high tide and don’t hesitate to fish late into the day to take advantage of hungry surface-scrubbing sea trout when the tide comes in just after sunrise.

9. Triggerfish

This rarity is highly sought-after. If you ever had a bite of triggerfish, you would instantly know why. You won’t be catching trigger off the pier, so don’t be afraid to book a deep sea trip and get out there!

man holding a bluefish he caught fishing

10. Bluefish

You can fish the summer away seeking one of Florida’s most treasured residents: bluefish. Stick by the beaches and keep on trying with your best surf-fishing approach.

Many of our beachfront Amelia Island vacation rentals have docks near or on the property so you can fish the afternoons away in pursuit of one of these famous local catches.

The best thing about Amelia Island, especially for fishing enthusiasts, is that you can fish any time of the year! No matter when you visit, you got some amazing fishing to look forward to and some fantastic Amelia Island events to attend.

Contact us to secure your vacation today! Or just skip that step entirely and book now.