Explore Amelia Island on Two Wheels

Amelia Island and the area surrounding is the perfect destination for a family-friendly biking vacation. Filled with beautiful sights, sounds, food, and many biking and hiking trails and paths, you’ll love exploring this scenic island getaway on bicycle.

Bike rentals make it possible for you to see the area from a different perspective than you get while walking, driving or riding in a vehicle. It allows you to fully engage your senses and come home with beautiful, vivid memories of the time you spent biking Amelia Island. Rich with history, culture, and natural scenery, you’ll find biking on Amelia Island to be a relaxing and exciting vacation experience.

If you’re interested in bike rentals but aren’t sure what place near your Amelia Island vacation rental will offer them or where you can take them, this guide will answer your questions and explain how to enjoy and explore Amelia Island on two wheels safely.

Biking on Amelia Island || Amelia Vacations

Several Island Vendors Offer Bike Rentals

Check out vendors located on the island like Bike-Scoot-Or-Yak Rentals, Amelia’s Wheels or Beach Rentals and More for bike rentals. These conveniently located bike rental options are right by your Amelia Island vacation rental and offer great prices and can answer any specific questions that aren’t covered in this guide.

Travel Scenic A1A and the Amelia Island Trail

Once you’ve secured your bike rental, check out the Amelia Island Trail is located on Florida’s northeastern coast. You’ll ride from Peters Point Beachfront Park to Amelia Island State Park in Fernandina Beach. Along the way, you’ll run into Highway A1A, part of the East Coast Greenway and scenic byway that paints a picture of life in sunny Florida. Once at Amelia Island State Park, visitors will see a variety of terrain including sandy beaches, lush maritime forests, and salt marshes.

Check Out Egan’s Creeks and Its Bird Population

Biking on Egan’s Creek offers a chance to see Florida’s birds up close. Crossing the creek gives you a glimpse of egrets, herons, ospreys, and eagles. You’ll also watch boats arrive and depart from the Port of Fernandina. Attractions along the way include Ft. Clinch, Egan’s Creek, and Amelia Island Plantation. Other places of interest include Big Talbot Island, Little Talbot Island, Huguenot Park, Ft. George, and Cedar Point.

The Ocean View Trail Offers an Incredible View of the Atlantic Ocean

The Ocean View Trail, part of East Coast Greenway, lets travelers peddle next to the Atlantic Ocean. Stops along the trail include Peter’s Point Beachfront Park and Seaside Park where picnic areas and restrooms are available. Biking this trail allows visitors who haven’t yet seen the ocean up close ample opportunity to get acquainted with how it looks, smells, and feels while riding beside it. Make sure to take some photos along the way because you won’t want to forget the experience.

Fernandina Beach and Its Relationship with Riders

Fernandina Beach residents are used to riders. Cyclists follow traffic laws the same way motorists do. Then they’re given the “courtesy wave through four-way stops. It’s advisable to stay inside bike lanes while riding through the island. The motorists in the city give bicyclists plenty of space and smiles when they encounter them. It’s hometown hospitality at its finest.

Regardless of this fact, remember that basic bicycle safety requires you to always wear a helmet while riding a bike. Make sure it fits your head snugly and comfortably. Ride in a straight line with traffic. You should never ride against it. Walk your bike across busy roadways and make sure you use hand signals to let motorists and other riders know your plans to turn or stop.

Biking to and from your Amelia Island vacation rentals gives you time to clear your head, see unique sights in close proximity you wouldn’t see by car, lower transportation expenses, and work out the muscles in your body keeping you fit and in good shape physically. So be sure to make biking part of your next Amelia Island trip!