6 Salty Ways to Enjoy the Surf with Water Sports

A beach is a perfect place to go to enjoy some quality time in the water. When the surf is up, it’s time to make the most of your time on the water by enjoying water sports. Amelia Island is home to over 13 miles of beautiful beaches and pristine green-blue waters. There’s plenty of space here to enjoy an assortment of water sports. If you are planning a trip to Amelia Island, consider booking Amelia Island vacation rentals so that you can have plenty of time to enjoy the surf with water sports.

The following are some water sports that you can enjoy during your visit to Amelia Island.

Amelia Island is home to over 13 miles of beautiful beaches and pristine green-blue waters. There’s plenty of space here to enjoy an assortment of water sports.



If you are looking for an ideal place for scuba diving, then look no further than Amelia Island. The coasts off Fernandina Beach offer some of the best sites for scuba diving. While many people flock to South Florida for scuba diving, Amelia Island has some of the best-untouched ocean floors in the area. The fact that so few know about these prime diving locations makes for great diving experiences that include beautiful reefs and tons of fish and other sea life on the ocean floor. Companies such as Scuba Station, Inc. offer scuba diving lessons and classes, as well as scuba equipment for those that are interested in enjoying a scuba diving experience on Amelia Island.


Book yourself one of the lovely Fernandina Beach condo rentals so that you have easy access to the water to enjoy jet-skiing. Also known as wave runners, jet skis are a great way to experience the waters of Fernandina Beach. You can rent your own jet ski for personal, solo exploration, or you can enjoy a jet ski tour with a company such as Flying Fish Adventures, where you’ll get to explore the Cumberland Island National Seashore as well as view island sea and wildlife such as dolphins and wild horses.


Imagine stepping out of your Amelia Island condos right onto the beach where you can step into a canoe and paddle your way across waters. This experience can be yours by partaking in a canoeing tour. There are several companies that offer canoeing tours throughout Amelia island, or you can rent your own canoe so that you can explore the seashore at your own leisure. By staying in the heart of the area, you won’t even need to worry about how to get around Fernandina Beach!

Paddle surf

What better way to enjoy the water of Amelia Island than with paddle surfing? Paddle surfing allows you to experience surfing with the help of a paddle. This water activity is perfect for both the young and old. There are companies such as Amelia Island Paddle Surf Company and Stand-up Paddleboarding that offer lessons and paddle surfing tours. You’ll get to explore the ocean, various waterways, and rivers at your leisure while enjoying the sights and sounds of surrounding nature. Plus, the mild temperatures and the breezes make Amelia Island the perfect location for paddle surfing year-round. Some of the best spots for paddle surfing include Ocean Sunrise, Beech Creek and Downtown Fernandina Beach.


Kayaking is a very popular water sport on Amelia Island. You have the option of renting your own kayak or booking a kayak tour with one of several popular kayaking companies in the area. One of the most popular kayaking companies, Amelia Island Kayaking Excursions, offers an assortment of guided eco kayak tours that range from 2-hour local guided tours, 5-hour river tours and even overnight kayaking adventures!


Surf’s up throughout Amelia Island! There are plenty of locations throughout Amelia Island where you can enjoy surfing the waves. Amelia Pier, as well as Fernandina Beach Pier, are great locations for surfing because of the swells of the water, wind currents, and comfortable water temperatures. Bring your own surfboard or rent one from the several surfing companies that offer surfing classes and lessons.

The beach and water sports go hand in hand, and getting to experience them all is just part of what makes Amelia Island special. Contact us today to learn about our Amelia Island vacation rentals near all of these incredible water sport opportunities.