5 Books to Read on Your Next Beach Vacation

While it can be hard to find the time to read in our everyday lives, taking a beach vacation to Amelia Island is the perfect opportunity to pick up a great read! Here are five of our best beach reads that you can enjoy in one of our Amelia Island beachfront rentals.

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The Unhoneymooners

The Unhoneymooners by writer duo Christina Lauren makes for the quintessential rom-com beach read. Our main character Olive is the maid of honor at her twin sister’s wedding, and she absolutely despises Ethan, the best man. But when everyone except for Ethan and Olive gets food poisoning at the wedding reception, Olive’s sister is left unable to go on her non-refundable honeymoon to Hawaii.  

She offers the trip to her sister and Ethan instead, and now these enemies have to pretend to be in love in order to pull off the stunt of a lifetime for a free trip to Oahu. What results is a truly hilarious and heartwarming hate-to-love romance that will have you laughing out loud at every scene.

The Silent Patient

This thriller took the world by storm in 2019, and it’s not hard to see why. Just start this gripping novel by debut author Alex Michaelides and you’ll be hooked within the first chapter. We meet our main character Theo, a criminal psychotherapist who has just taken a new position. 

His new workplace puts him in touch with Alicia Berenson, who is infamous for (seemingly) randomly murdering her husband and having never spoken another word since that fateful night. Theo is convinced he can fix Alicia and make her talk again, but she’s not the only one keeping secrets. This novel will keep you on the edge of your seat and have you desperately turning the pages until you reach the end.

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Love and Gelato

If you’re looking for a fun summer romance that you can share with your teenager, Love and Gelato is the perfect solution. This debut novel from Jenna Evans Welch follows Lena, who is spending the summer in Tuscany after her mother’s dying wish was for her to travel to Italy and meet the father she never knew. When she gets there, Lena is confronted with an entirely new world that opens her up to the possibility of family, romance, and more.

While this is a young adult novel, it’s great for any audience thanks to its timeless messages, adorable romance, and vibrant setting. If you simply can’t get enough, the author also has published Love and Luck, set in Ireland, and will be publishing Love and Olives, set in Santorini, Greece, in July of 2020. 


Have a long vacation ahead of you and want to get lost in a mystical fantasy? Pick up Warbreaker by renowned fantasy author Brandon Sanderson. Our story follows two sisters who have grown up in the castle and have always been told what their future will hold. But when their father chooses to change their roles at the last minute, they are both thrust into a new world they were never prepared for.

Combine the familial drama with political intrigue and a fascinating magic system centered around colors, and you have an incredible fantasy that will have you attached to the characters and begging Sanderson to publish the next novel!

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

This trilogy follows our main character Lara Jean, who has always written a letter to any boy she’s fallen for. She never sends the letters, however; instead, they wind up in a hatbox where only she can access them. When Lara Jean’s letters mysteriously get sent out one day and all of her former crushes now know how she once felt, she finds herself in the center of a love triangle she never wanted.

While this is another young adult novel, everyone can identify with the sibling love, cute romance, and delicious description of Lara Jean’s baked goods. Best of all, there are three books to devour, and you can watch an adaptation of the first book on Netflix, with the second movie being adapted just in time for Valentine’s Day! Bring any or all of these books with you to one of the best annual events in Amelia Island, the Amelia Island Book Festival! You can explore all the best books for a beach vacation from the comfort of our Amelia Island condo rentals.

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