The Addams Family Musical

The gothic goofiness of the Addams Family is a cultural staple. From a cartoon to a television show, to a movie, to a meme and now to the stage, the Addams Family is a cultural link to the weird and the wacky.

The revival of sorts of the Addams Family on stage is catching fire. The Addams Family Musical first debuted in 2009 borrowing many elements from numerous past iterations of the classic Addams Family story- but now with more music!

Take the time to check out the Addams Family Musical on your seasonal family vacation to the bold and beautiful coasts of Amelia Island. This is sure to be one of the most impressive events on Amelia Island.

Introducing, the Addams Family!

Younger audiences may not know the basics of the Addams Family, and older audiences may need a quick reminder. The Addams Family Musical is a music-oriented interpretation of this bombastic and bizarre group of characters. The Addams Family features Gomez, Fester, Morticia, Pugsley, and Lurch, among others, as they live (kind of) and die (sort of) in this macabre and spooky reinvention of the classic cast.

Gomez is the patriarch of the family, who is married to the sassy and real leader of the family, Morticia Addams. Wednesday and Pugsley make wonderfully odd siblings on the opposite sides of the personality spectrum. They are all assisted by Lurch, the undead-ish butler who always asks, “You rang?”

Finally, you can’t forget about Cousin ITT. That wild pile of hair, with a French hat and glasses, rounds out the cast of the musical with wonderful weirdness.

The Story

The Addams Family visits the graveyard for a generational family gathering, only to speculate on their choices. Wednesday is dating a definitely-not-dead-at-all new boyfriend named Lucas. Mal is interested in moving out of the old house and Pugsley is afraid he won’t be incessantly tortured anymore. Even the family lynchpin, Morticia, is thinking of deciding on finally moving on. Death is waiting around the corner, after all.

The Addams Family are in a state of crisis, contemplating what went wrong and even more importantly, what to do about it. The show borrows many elements from classic Tim Burton, with a dark sense of humor and a bouncy attitude. The music, written by theatre veteran Andrew Lippa, ties the crazy antics together in a wacky and thrilling way.

Families familiar with the Addams Family tropes should have no problem with the material. This is easily one of the most rewarding Amelia Island family events for the season. It’s spooky but lighthearted, with a tinge of morality at play amidst all the oddness.

Program Details

The Addams Family Musical will be performed from August 9-25th. It is a part of the Amelia Community Theatre showcase, located at 209 Cedar Street in Fernandina Beach.

Tickets for a show at the theater are usually $25 for adults and $15 for students, high school and under. Packages are available for all yearly production seasons.

Visitors can find a number of shows during the season. Visit the website for further programming details and to find an incredible show to check out on your next Amelia Island stay.

The Amelia Community Theatre displays a flexible ability to adopt fun comedies, intense dramas, and a range of the biggest and most popular shows with underappreciated gems and thorough classics.

Recent shows included A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Doctor Doolittle. Avenue Q was a massive success, and the recent interpretation of Doubt earned the theatre notable acclaim.

These two shows alone represent the versatility of the team and the range of shows they can knock out of the park.

The theatre completes about eight shows every season, with up-comers Annie and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time expected for early 2019.

Don’t miss out on the family programming and special events, including acoustic sessions, summer camps, classes, and meetings.

The Addams Family Musical will be one of the most attractive and exciting events on Amelia Island for the season.