Rendezvous Film Festival

The annual 3-day Rendezvous Film Festival in late September is far from your standard film event. Although the festival is highlighted by some of the most creative filmmakers around and their latest projects, what really sets it apart is the beautiful location: Amelia Island!

There are numerous film festivals in Florida throughout the year, however, this one truly aims to bring the community and filmmakers closer. Not only can you avail the opportunity of mingling amidst creative minds, but you can also have a grand time on the island with the many incredible cuisine opportunities, pubs, outdoor attractions, historic sites, beaches, cruises and more.

Rendezvous Film Festival

The Rendezvous Film Festival is Well Worth the Trip

This fun-packed event is an important upcoming film festival, especially for students and amateur filmmakers who want to make it big.

If you’re an aspiring filmmaker, this is a golden opportunity you only get once in a lifetime: socialize with successful filmmakers, join minds with creative geniuses just like you, and learn a ton for your future projects. Additionally, if you plan ahead of time, you can submit your own short films for healthy criticism and worthy praise.

When we say it’s truly worth visiting for film enthusiasts, we are serious! The same goes for those with more of a casual interest in film – it’s one of the best places in all of Florida to see screenings of potentially award-winning films in multiple genres.

The festival will also include its own series of awards including Best Director, Best Film, Best Actor, and Best Actress. Filmmakers also get the opportunity to get a cut of their ticket sales. If you are an enthusiast, by going to the festival you will be supporting some of the most exciting up and coming filmmakers. The festival includes up to 50 or more films from all over the world.

A Two-In-One Vacation: A Film Festival at the Beach!

When we say it’s a two-in-one vacation, we aren’t exaggerating. The 3-day film festival will be filled with exciting workshops, side events, a well-planned award ceremony, and let’s not forget the amazing parties on the island.

But, when you have downtime, you’ll get to also enjoy the pleasant weather, outdoor attractions, beaches and scenery of Amelia Island. There’s so much to do here in the fall that you won’t be able to get it all in during the weekend.

Choose from cruises of the island and nearby Cumberland Island, tours of historic Fort Clinch, local tours offered by the local historical society, pub crawls, art events, fishing charters, sunset boat tours, and an amazing array of local restaurants, each offering a creative take on the locally sourced seafood and produce.

The festival is scheduled for late September each year, the perfect time for a vacation that gives you memories for a lifetime! The weather is perfectly serene compared to many parts of the U.S., it’s pleasantly cool to cozy up with your beloved, and the boating, outdoor tours or beachgoing is all the more enjoyable.

Alternatively, you can relax at the beach when you need your own time from the busy festival vibes. Amelia Island is one of the most visited places in all of Florida because it has so much to offer. We say you have an opportunity to enjoy two amazing things at once, seize the opportunity!

The Rendezvous Film Festival is often a memorable life-changing event for filmmakers and enthusiasts alike, minds who think creatively, the community, and for people who genuinely believe in the arts.

While there may be several other festivals throughout the year, where else will you really get an opportunity to hone your skills if you are in the film industry, or satisfy your appetite for quality, unique film entertainment as an enthusiast, and experience the serenity and scenic beauty of Amelia Island?

Get more information about the festival, ticket prices, dates and more as the date approaches on the website. We’re also here to help you plan your trip this fall with a variety of luxurious and reasonably priced vacation condos and rentals.