4 Exciting Must-See Natural Springs in Northern Florida

Northern Florida is filled with fun things to do for all. You can spend your afternoons in Fernandina Beach, marking off all the historic attractions off your vacation bucket list. Fortunately, parking in and around Fernandina Beach is relatively easy, so seeing all the sights should be little problem. You also hit the Amelia Island beach and found the Amelia Island State Park.

But what about natural springs? There are 4 amazing and quiet natural springs within 1-2 hours from Fernandina Beach. They offer lots of fun waterside activities, a cool place to lounge out, and even sights of the local wildlife. They also make for perfect day trips from our vacation rentals in Fernandina Beach. Below is our guide to four must-see springs for any and all nature lovers.

Pottsburg Spring at Pottsburg Creek

This modest-sized spring at Pottsburg Creek is in a densely-layered and heavily wooded nook at the St. Johns River. The creek is minimally-trafficked, and a nice afternoon day trip for Amelia Island visitors. The spring is located near a boat ramp leading off into the St. Johns River. The area is reserved, quiet, and a real relaxing little escape if you want to get far and away from the loud noise from some of the much bigger Florida water attractions.

green cove springs fishing pier

Green Cove Springs

Just south of Jacksonville, along the St. Johns River, is one of the most beautiful natural springs in the region. Green Cove Springs, both a town and the name of the springs, is one of the oldest continuous natural sulfur springs in Florida.

The spring includes a lot of lovely features, like two public docks, a picnic and pavilion area, and an open field. The spring has a little coffee shop and café, as well as a kid’s playground. Sip on some coffee and enjoy the cool spring water. If you prefer the pool over the natural springs, you can jump in for $4 per person. The pool is closed during the winter.

The town of Green Cove Springs also hosts some fun annual events, such as the parade of flags and the Soul Food Festival. Green Cove Springs is also a funky art collective, with multiple arts and crafts festivals throughout the year.

Wadesboro Spring

Wadesboro Spring is a tiny blip on the radar, but one definitely worth checking out for travelers who want to see the heart of Florida’s water-filled interior. The spring connects to an extension of the St. Johns River called Doctors Lake.

Don’t be surprised by Wadesboro’s size. This is a small spring, with a lovely picnic area overlooking a large portion of the water. The spring is perhaps most well-known locally for its continuously disturbed sand, forced into constant motion from the turbulence of the head pool.

river base with canoes and tents

St. Johns River Base at Echockotee

St. Johns River Base at Echockotee is perhaps the biggest of all the springs on the list. Overall, the natural spring sits beside eight huge campsites, multiple pavilions, a meeting and dining hall, and multiple facilities. A lifeguard tower hovers over the main spring entrance. Visitors come and stay for hours on end, but guests can also stay overnight and use the springs throughout their camping stay. Aquatic camps are popular from May through August. Consider signing up your family if you plan to stay in the area for a few weeks.

This cozy and cool nook sits at the base of the St. Johns River in Orange Park. It is located right near the same body of the water as Wadesboro Spring, though is substantially bigger. Its formal address is 2513 Doctor’s Lake Dr. Orange Park, FL 32073.

All these springs are in and around the Jacksonville area. As a whole, Jacksonville makes for a fantastic day trip from Amelia Island. You can see the city but still escape to the fringes to see what real Florida living is all about (quiet relaxations by the cool water, if you were wondering).

We love learning about Amelia Island and the surrounding area, and we are always happy to share fun facts and new information about this northern Florida nook. Contact us for more on our available Fernandina Beach condos and about the amazing things to do in the area.