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Amelia Vacations is the vacation rental arm of ERA Fernandina Beach Realty which was founded by Steve Simmons in 1974. Providing Amelia Island’s original vacation rental company, rounded out the real estate services offered by ERA. With over 50 years of experience and four offices on Amelia Island, our properties receive extensive exposure and experienced management attention. Included in our property portfolio are homes, condos, townhouses, duplexes, and triplexes that contain one – five bedrooms. You will find an onsite ERA Fernandina Beach Realty rental office at Oceans of Amelia Condos, Amelia South Condos and Amelia by the Sea Condos. All other rentals are handled through our main Island location.

All of our vacation rental properties are fully equipped for a carefree vacation and are provided with linens from our state of the art linen facility and services. Utilizing price yielding and one of the top software systems in the industry, allows us to promote properties at the highest dollar with the highest occupancy. Our diverse type of rental programs ensures there is one that will meet the needs of any property owner. You may choose from short-term, extended stay, furnished extended leased, or long-term leased programs.

Our Mission & Core Values

Our mission is to treat you like an honored guest in our home. Our honest and professional real estate and rental staff are committed to providing this level of service each and every day, without fail, no exception.

At ERA Fernandina Beach Realty, we honor these 7 Core Values: Integrity, Faith, Professionalism, Teamwork, Family, Commitment and Stability. Our customers can expect these values to be demonstrated by our staff, our actions and the quality of our service.

Which Rental Program is Right For You?

The ERA Rental Program Options

  1. Short-term Rentals (2-180 nights)
    A short-term rental is typically for those guests wanting a vacation getaway or winter haven. This options provides the greatest level of flexibility and profitability and if the property is located within the City of Fernandina Beach, requires a Resort Rental Dwelling Permit and a qualifying zoning (Call our office for details).
  2. Extended Stay Rentals (28-180 nights)
    Listing your home as an extended stay rental will appeal to customers who love long trips and want to spend 28 or more nights as a home away from home. This option does not require a Resort Rental Dwelling Permit regardless of its location.
  3. Extended Stay Leased Furnished (181+ nights)
    Allowing either your Short-term or Extended Stay property to extend into this option is popular for guests desiring to split residency, have a home during construction of their new home or other 6 month or longer visits. Again, this option does not require a Resort Rental Dwelling Permit regardless of its location however, will require a Lease agreement with the tenant versus a rental agreement and is governed differently through our office. (Ask your Homeowner Specialist for more details on how this works)
  4. Long-term Leased Rentals Unfurnished (1+ year)
    When you list your home in the Long-term Rental program, your tenant will be looking to lease an unfurnished home for at least 1 year. The Long-term leased properties are managed through our separate department by a licensed manager. Since leases are required, special laws and processes must be followed to be compliant. (Ask our Long-Term Rental Manager, Chuck Lynch for more details)

Getting Started – The ERA Way

If you’re wondering what all is involved in listing your property with us, here’s a glimpse into our process. We make it easy for you!


Once we receive your request for more information or listing your property with us, it is the time to Get to know us, and we will get to know you and your property phase. We will explore strategies and develop a plan of action that fits your needs.


This is the time to join the ERA Family. Paperwork, permitting and property and owner implementation take place in this stage.


We have standards and safety requirements for certain amenities in the kitchen and other areas of the home. We will review this with you in detail during this stage. We will also stock our linens, clean, stage and photograph and install keyless access to the home.

Promote, Produce & Maintain

This is where the rubber meets the road and ERA steps up to work the Strategy and Plan of Action for your property. This process will continue as long as you are a member of the ERA Family.

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