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About Us

Amelia Vacations is the vacation rental arm of ERA Fernandina Beach Realty. Our four offices manage over 150 condominiums and 50 home rentals ranging in size from one – five bedrooms. You will find an onsite ERA Fernandina Beach Realty rental office at Oceans of Amelia Condos, Amelia South Condos and Amelia by the Sea Condos. All other condo and home rentals are handled through our main location.

All vacation rental condos and rental homes are fully equipped for a carefree vacation. We offer the best rates on over 200 beachfront vacation rentals on beautiful Amelia Island including all of the resorts. Amenities may include golf, tennis, pools, or spas. We also offer Extended Stay vacation rentals for periods of 28 nights or longer.

Company History

Fernandina Beach Realty was formed in 1974 by Steve Simmons as a full-service real estate and rental management office. The company is proud to have been involved in the construction and development of several of the finer condominium and residential developments on and near the Island. Being the first, full-service rental/property management office on the Island, we have grown and so has the demand. Since 1989 our short-term rental program has increased 143% and the long-term program, 131%.

Our Mission and Philosophy

Our mission is to treat you like an honored guest in our home. Our honest and professional real estate and rental staff are committed to providing this level of service each and every day, without fail, no exception.

Program Descriptions

Short-term Vacation Rental Programs

  1. Short-term Rentals (4+ nights)
    This program is for those wanting a short vacation to get away for the weekend. If you want your home to have the best options for flexibility, with a minimum of four nights at the beach, choose this option.
  2. Extended Stay Rentals (28+ nights)
    Listing your home as an extended stay rental will appeal to customers who love long trips and want to spend 28 or more nights as a home away from home.

Long-term Leased Properties

  1. Long-term Rentals (6+ months)
    When you list your home in the Long-term Rental program, your tenant will be looking to lease a fully-furnished home for at least 6 months.

Getting Started

If you’re wondering what all is involved in listing your property with us, here’s a step-by-step outline of our process from our first meeting with you and walking your property all the way through to the annual cleanup.

The First Meeting

When we receive your request for listing your property with us, we’ll get in touch with you and schedule a time to meet.

Walking Your Property

Walking your property entails us walking around your home, the grounds, and getting an overview of the layout, the location, and gives us a chance to visually inspect the property to ensure it is a good fit for Amelia Vacations.

Home Requirements

We have high standards and require certain amenities in the kitchen and other areas of the home.

Annual Cleanup

Each year, there is an annual cleanup. We require homeowners to keep the grounds neat and tidy and to have presentable landscaping.

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