Explore the Beauty of Nature at Amelia Island State Park

There are so many things to do on Amelia Island. From visiting the Amelia Island lighthouse to relaxing at the beach, there is so much to discover. Looking for a great way to enjoy nature while staying at one of our Amelia Island condo rentals? Try visiting Amelia Island State Park. 

About Amelia Island State Park

On the southernmost point of Florida’s Amelia Island is the lovely coastline park known as Amelia Island State Park. With expansive stretches of sandy beaches, salt marshes, and tidal streams, this park features 200 acres of pristine natural splendor. It is a well-liked vacation spot for beachgoers, nature lovers, and people who like the great outdoors.

The island’s first inhabitants, the Timucuan, reaped the benefits of the salt marsh’s wealth. Subsequently, sea island cotton, sugarcane, citrus, and indigo plantations were created in the region by European settlers. For more on this, check out our article on the history of Amelia Island. Since then, the park has been popular among tourists for its wildlife viewing, fishing, and shelling.

Things to do

Here are some of the most popular activities and facilities available at Amelia Island State Park:


Amelia Island beach
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There are several lovely beaches in the park that are great for swimming, lounging, and beachcombing. Some of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches in the area can be found at Amelia Island State Park. They make a wonderful day trip destination for friends and family. Be sure to check the weather on Amelia Island to ensure its suitable for a beach trip!


There are a number of public fishing spots within the park. Tourists can fish in the Atlantic Ocean or in saltwater tidal creeks. Trout, flounder, and redfish are frequently caught. Everyone older than 16 must have a fishing license.

Visitors can purchase a wide range of fishing goods, including bait and tackle, snacks, and beverages, at the On the Line Bait and Tackle store using their walk-up window. Regulations regarding size, number, mode of capture, and season must be followed for all fishing within the park. Perhaps a fishing license is necessary. The Florida Wildlife Commission’s Fishing in Florida website has more details.


Hiking on Amelia Island is an experience you won’t want to miss! The park’s numerous hiking paths provide visitors with the chance to discover the region’s stunning natural surroundings. A well-known track that leads across the dunes and provides breathtaking ocean views is the Sand Dune Trail. A lengthier track, known as the Main Trail, travels through a salt marsh and maritime hammock.


Pelican on Amelia Island
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One of the top locations along the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail’s eastern end is Amelia Island State Park. At the shoreline, shorebirds such as willets, black skimmers, least terns, piping plovers, and Wilson’s plovers’ forage and rest. Osprey, pelicans, and royal terns adorn the skies above. Bald eagles can be observed fishing in these waters in the winter and the early spring. Shorebirds like Wilson’s plover and least tern build their nests on the sandy beaches in the spring and summer.

To protect the nesting parents and their delicate young, there are seasonal beach closures in place from March through September, particularly at the southern tip. When you go, remember to bring your binoculars and a bird checklist.

Viewing Wildlife

Viewing wildlife is an Amelia Island parks experience that’s truly unforgettable. Dolphins, sea turtles, and other bird species can all be found in Amelia Island State Park. Tourists can join a kayak or paddleboard trip to get a closer look at the wildlife or watch it from the shore. Moreover, the park contains a number of boardwalks that wind across salt marshes, offering fantastic opportunities for birdwatching.


Camping is one of the premiere outdoor activities on Amelia Island. 50 campsites are accessible to those who want to spend the night in the park. The campsites have electricity, water, and picnic tables and are situated in a wooded environment. There are also restrooms and showers accessible.


Visitors to the park may choose from a number of picnic sites. The picnic spots are close to the shore and provide a wonderful setting for gathering with loved ones for a lunch. A number of barbecues are also available for use throughout the park.


The canoe and kayak visitor service provider for Amelia Island State Park is Paddle Kayak Amelia. Six miles south of Amelia Island State Park on AIA, between Little Talbot and Big Talbot Islands, is where you can find Kayak Amelia, which provides everything from simple rentals to guided outings with a particular focus.

The facility offers maps, safety advice, and suggested routes for your desired experience, among other local information. You may get refreshments, souvenirs, and bathrooms inside the concession. There are canoe and kayak rentals on-site, or you may bring your own and use the hand launch ramp for a $1 per person fee.


The park features a number of bike tracks that meander through the salt marsh and maritime hammock. The park’s refreshment booth has bicycles for rent. The A1A driving bridge that spans the Nassau Sound to Big Talbot Island, as well as an additional four miles of the off-road route, connect the northern six miles of the Timucuan Trail cycling path to Peters Point Park on Amelia Island. All cyclists are strongly advised to wear helmets, and according to Florida law, bikers aged 16 and under are required to wear them.


Many tourists like shelling and Amelia Island’s beaches are excellent places to find shells. Many species, such as clams, scallops, oysters, and periwinkle, are available to collectors. Schedule your shelling around the low tide, when the beach is exposed. Look for shell clusters along the “shell line,” where the biggest waves stop as they approach the beach and leave them behind.

Plan Your Visit

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Hours, Location, and Cost

Amelia Island State Park is open every day of the year from 8 a.m. until sundown. This includes access to the beach for 4×4 driving. It is important to note that after-hours access is not permitted. There is a fee of $2 per person to enter the park. Visitors are asked to use the honor box to pay the fees, and correct change is required. This helps to maintain the park and its facilities for future visitors.

The park is located on State Road A1A North in Jacksonville, Florida. Visitors can easily find the park by following the directions provided on the park’s website or by using a GPS system. For any questions or concerns, visitors can contact the park at 904-251-2320.

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